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small-batch herbal skincare

From seas, forests & our family farm.


healthy, glowing skin - from nature's purity

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Wholesome / Natural / Effective

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Why choose ambersea?

Jessi D

"Before trying Ambersea Apothecary I did not feel comfortable leaving the house without make-up. Now, I look forward to the feeling my face has afterward and don’t dream of covering up my skin!"

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Amanda S

"Your face serum and charcoal cleanser brighten my skin so much that I ditched my full coverage foundation and either go without makeup altogether or wear a much lighter product. I love the thoughtfulness and quality of your products!"

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Shay S

"I used to have extremely oily skin that would look shiny all day, with bouts of adult acne. I started using the gentle cleanser and day cream and have now achieved almost perfectly balanced skin. I even get occasional compliments that my skin looks glowing. That was something I never thought was possible for me!


Hannah F

“This last year I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I’m very conscious of what I expose him too. I started making my own household cleaners and hygiene products. I bought a couple different brands of “natural” products but my baby had a couple dry spots that wouldn’t go away. I was gifted a bottle of Ambersea baby oil and a container of balm. Oh my goodness. I LOVE them. The packaging was beautiful. They smell amazing. My son’s skin is gorgeous. I use the balm for everything; on his bum as diaper cream, when he gets any little scrape, under his nose when it gets red from being snotty. It’s amazing. I highly recommend these products.” Hannah F


Lisa M

"I use to have acne breakouts in my t-zone regularly. Since using the charcoal face cleanser for 9 months now, I’ve noticed that I don’t have but maybe one or two blemishes every once in a while. I also use the toner and face serum and my skin is so thankful! I don’t have to wear makeup and my skin is so smooth."


Veronica F

“The rescue cream has been amazing for our 15 month old baby boy who has suffered from baby eczema almost his whole life. We have tried other products, changing the soaps we use and diet changes and none of those worked for us. We used the rescue cream and within a weeks time all of his eczema was gone! Plus this stuff smells AMAZING and I know that what I’m using on my baby is free from all those junky chemicals!”