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How to create an effective skincare routine

How to layer your natural skincare products:

Ambersea Apothecary reccomends the following order to effectively layer natural skincare products. However, the steps in our guide should be used only as a reference; please “listen” to your skin to see what is (or isn’t) a good fit for your specific lifestyle and skin type needs.


1. Use a Cleanser to aid in the removal of any unwanted impurities from the face.

2. After cleansing, spritz (or apply with cotton pad) pH balanced Face Tonic to prep skin.  

3. Use Hyaluronic Serum for effective absorption of vitamins/minerals and hydration boost.

4. Apply Face Oil to help replenish skin with vitamins/minerals.

5. Gently apply Eye Cream around the eyes to help combat puffiness, discoloration, and fine lines/wrinkles.

6. Apply Day Cream to lightly moisturize and nourish skin. 



Repeat steps 1-5 above if necessary. Use Night Cream to deeply moisturize, hydrate and help replenish resting skin.



After cleansing AM or PM, use an Exfoliating Mask 1-3 times a week to boost results.

As you may have already come to realize, finding an effective skincare routine and product can be pretty rough (to say the least). Maybe you have sensitive skin that is prone to breaking out; or maybe you haven’t been aging as gracefully as you would have hoped. Though the road to a beautiful, healthy looking complexion seems difficult, we at Ambersea Apothecary are here to encourage you that it is an absolutely achievable goal.

You are unique, and your skincare routine should be too.

What may work for others may not necessarily work as well for you, and there is no one-size-fits all approach to skincare. The steps in our guide should be used only as a reference to your specific needs. However, keep in mind that a daytime routine should generally focus on preparing the skin for exposure to the sun, pollution, and other environmental elements (i.e. seasons) that affect the skin’s health. A proper nighttime routine should be centered around counteracting the daily impacts of the elements and preparing the skin for restoration.

Step no. 1 - Identify what your skin needs

To help you better understand how to select the right products that specifically suit your needs, know that there are four recognized types of skin: 

Dry - Usually feels tight and uncomfortable; noticeably chapped, flaky and dull-looking.

Normal- Skin has a good balance of moisture: neither dry or oily. 

Combination- A combination of oily skin, dry patches, and/or normal skin. The T-zone, which includes your forehead, nose, and chin is more prone to overactive oil production whereas the rest of the face may have dry patches. 

Oily-  Mainly caused by the overproduction of oil, skin may feel and look oily/shiny.

Step no. 2 - Cleansers are the first step to obtaining a desired complexion. 

Once you have identified your skin type, determine which cleanser and moisturizer best fits your skin’s needs.

Throughout the day, the skin is constantly exposed to dirt, pollutants, bacteria, and dead skin cells which may become embedded in pores: eventually causing acne, inflammation, and other undesired issues. Using a daily facial cleanser is not only recommended to remove that debris and impurities from the skin, but also to give the face a fresh look. 

Our specially formulated non-comedogenic Soothing Aloe Cleanser is ideal for those with dry/sensitive skin, designed to gently cleanse the skin of dirt and debris without stripping it of crucial natural oils. Crafted with only natural ingredients such as aloe vera to deeply hydrate, vitamin-c rich black currant to replenish moisture, and beetroot sugar extract to support healthy, supple skin. 

For normal, combination, and oily skin, we combined ingredients like activated bamboo charcoal to deeply cleanse, fenugreek to reduce inflammation, and english ivy to boost skin tone & improve the overall appearance in our powerful Clarifying Charcoal Cleanser.

Although many remain skeptic, cleansing the skin with oils is the perfect way to ensure that the skin is properly cleansed from any excess sebum and impurities, which may otherwise be proven difficult by just simply washing the face with soap & water. Cleansing oil benefits ALL skin types by also regulating/balancing oil production: taking away any extra sebum from oily skin and adding necessary moisture to a dry complexion. 

The Sea-Radiance Cleansing Melt is created to serve two purposes: to deeply hydrate the skin and to effectively cleanse it from make-up and impurities. The product melts on touch and readily absorbs into the skin, dissolving accumulated grease and grime. During removal, the Cleansing Melt reacts with water to create a milky cleanser that effectively rids the skin from the make-up residue, leaving the skin clean, supple and well moisturized.

Step no. 3 - Using a moisturizer is just as important as the rest of your routine, and is recommended for ALL skin types.  

The function of a high quality moisturizer is to help maintain your skin’s delicate moisture balance. When skin is too dry or too oily, many common issues such as acne begin to develop. Although it may sound conflicting to apply moisturizer to oily skin, it is actually highly effective in reducing oil production. Keep in mind that your moisturizing needs are subject to change based on the time of year and environmental factors. 

We currently offer (2) two levels of moisturizers (light to generously moisturizing) to choose from:  

-Our dreamy antioxidant-rich Day Cream boasts a lightweight formula that works to quickly absorb into the skin, effectively moisturizing and fortifying it with essential vitamins and minerals provided by amazing herbs such as Rhodiola Rosacea and Agrimony. 

- Heavier in texture, our slow-absorbing, vitamin & mineral-rich Advanced Hydration Night Cream for face & neck is designed to perform over the course of several hours to deeply moisturize and help replenish resting skin. Our Night Cream features key ingredients like tremella mushroom to provide long-lasting hydration, hyaluronic acid to protect and support a healthy, youthful appearance, and an expert probiotic blend of hydrolyzed yogurt protein and kale, lemon, & carrot to maintain skin’s healthy microbiota.

Complementing Your Routine

Face Oils - Face Oils deliver a very high concentration of ingredients directly into the skin, replenishing it with vitamins and minerals essential in reducing signs of premature aging and works to induce a natural glow. Our Balancing Oil & Antioxidant Oil are a great addition to any skincare routine.

Hyaluronic Serum - Designed to properly prime skin and helps to effectively absorb vitamins & minerals from serums and moisturizers. Our ultra-concentrated Hyaluronic Serum breams with hydrating ingredients essential for a vibrant, radiant complexion.  The Serum features the duo of vitamin C-rich forest conifers along with the hydration super-heroes Tremella Mushroom and Hyaluronic Acid.  

Eye Cream - Due to thinner, particularly sensitive skin surrounding the eyes, concerns such as puffiness, discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles are more prone to occur. With powerful ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, chicory root, and cucumber seed oil rich in omega fatty acids, our Nourishing Eye Cream supplies an excellent amount of moisture to delicate under-eye skin that aids in diminishing the appearance of these common issues, ultimately supporting a more youthful look.

Step no. 4 - To complement your routine and boost results, we recommend targeting individual skincare needs

To enhance your skincare results, we highly reccomend including one of our Exfoliating Masks 2-3 times per week and one of our pH Balanced Face Tonics daily in accordance to your skin type.

Unfortunately, many are unaware on how beneficial a face mask can really be. Not only does it remove debris deeply embedded in the skin (helping to clear breakouts), but additionally works to reduce fine lines, refine pores, and produce a more even skin tone. More importantly, its exfoliation properties promote a healthy cell turnover. When you apply a mask, you’re taking the time to focus on the health of your complexion with a product that addresses your unique concern.  

After using a cleanser, your skin’s optimal pH of 5.5 may be thrown off, possibly leading to excessive oil production/ dry skin (all Ambersea Face Tonics are pH balanced). Face toners are specifically designed to restore that balance all while preparing the skin for the use of moisturizers and serums. As an added perk, toners may also be used an extra cleansing step to remove stubborn dirt and debris. 

We currently offer 3 specially made masks and toners (tonics)

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