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Our Story

Ambersea Apothecary is a small, family owned and operated business located in beautiful southern Oregon, nestled between the Cascade Mountains and the rim of the Pacific Ocean. Our nature-based products are crafted from remedies passed down from our Baltic heritage and are made by mother and daughter-in-law, maker and visionary (Simona & Nikita).
Natural skincare is not just a business for us; it is an embodiment of a great passion for a toxin-free, nature-driven lifestyle that embraces simplicity,  purity and deeply holistic care for others. Simona’s passion and accredited natural product development education partnered with Nikita’s commitment to provide the purest, most meaningful goods for her family is the catalyst behind Ambersea Apothecary's mission. Fulfilling the mission by infusing it into every step of our creations to ultimately achieve purity you can trust is what makes our products stand apart.
As you cultivate the well-being of your precious families, we are honored to share our love & dreams with you through the work of our hands. 
With love,

AMBERSEA - The beautiful Baltic Sea, with its white sand dunes and pristine, amber-speckled beaches stretching untouched for miles is also fondly known as the Amber Sea.
Having grown up wild-harvesting herbs on its shores, the sea has been a great source of our inspiration. We are greatly thankful to the Creator for this everlasting source of health and well-being that the sea brings to all of us.
Genesis 1:29