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Why choose our products?


Imagine your beauty routine pure and effective, without compromising exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins. Ambersea Apothecary offers holistic, plant-based vitamin and mineral-rich nourishment for your skin - created from nature’s purity, the way that it was always intended to be. 

Wellness begins with simple choices, one day at a time.

We know you want only the best for your family and work hard to ensure the products you bring into your home support the wellbeing of you and your loved ones. Each item we create offers not only the solutions to your skincare needs but also much-needed self-care and the time to slow down, honoring the tasks & people that create a meaningful life. We share your devotion to natural beauty and infuse this in creating products that truly work.

Just as trees are known by their fruits, your complexion will testify of our products; we invite you to try and see for yourselves.

To craft the highest quality products for you and your family, we are committed to integrity and total transparency of each step of our process.

From the ethical wild-harvesting and the medicinal potency-preserving processing of our ingredients to the choices of our environment-friendly packaging, there is no detail that we overlook.

We strive to provide ongoing information on our chosen ingredients so that you may make an informed decision when placing your trust in Ambersea Apothecary products. All of our ingredients are:

  • Wild-harvested in Pacific Northwest
  • Sustainably sourced in support of local businesses
  • Carefully fair trade-selected
  • Soon to be Biodynamically grown on our little herb farm

All our products (most of which are organic and vegan) are made fresh in small batches to remain mindful of the natural resources used in the process, and preserved using natural, ECOCERT ingredients. Every product is always free from ingredients presumed harmful and unsafe, such as parabens, phthalates, talcum, SLS, petroleum derivatives, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, pigments and colorants. None of our products are tested on animals, and bring no harm to the environment. 


Our number one priority is creating high-quality products that are truly effective and because of this, we are dedicated to putting in the extra time and consideration it takes to properly wild-harvest and source the best ingredients available. With an abundance of diverse medicinal plants that grow wild and happy in their natural environment in our region, we seek out the most potent and prime specimens with the strongest therapeutic properties. We patiently wait for the best harvest by its season, far away from the main highways and suburbs to ensure all our wild-harvested ingredients are free from pollution and environmental toxins. 

Whether they are medicinal, sap-filled buds erupting in early spring or sun-dried, intensely fragrant wild rose petals in the heat of summer, we gather our botanicals at the optimal time in their growth cycle to ensure the most nutrient-dense, vitamin and mineral-rich products as a result